Current Board

The board 2023-2024

Kraket Board 2023/2024

f.l.t.r: Maarten, Sean, Micha, Anne, Pieter

Chairman: Micha den Heijer
Vice-chairman & External Affairs Officer: Pieter Maarse
Secretary, External Affairs Officer & Marketing Affairs Officer: Sean Ka Ping Lee
Treasurer & Marketing Officer: Anne Alberts
Internal Affairs Officer & Education Officer: Maarten Moens

Micha den Heijer - Chairman Study Association Kraket

Chairman - Micha den Heijer:

Hi, I'm Micha den Heijer, this year I'm the chairman of Kraket. I hope that all Econometrics students at the VU will get to know Kraket, as I know Kraket myself. I see Kraket as a great place to make friends at your university, to find the next steps in your career and help during your studies. The impact Kraket has been able to make has been amazing, and I hope to ensure that we're able to help many, if not most, of our fellow Econometrics students. I've personally seen the benefits of getting to know many of our Kraket-members, and I hope to get to know you too! You can (almost) always find me in the Kraketroom, which is in the main building of the VU at 8A30.


Vice-chairman & External Affairs Officer - Pieter Maarse:

Hey! I am Pieter Maarse and this year I will be the Vice-Chairman and External Affairs Officer of Kraket. As External I am responsible, together with Sean, for the contact with companies and helping you find the right employer! As Vice-Chairman I support Micha with his Chairmanship. I am sure our board will make a great team and that we will have a great year! If you have any questions or need help with something just shoot me a message or come find me at the Kraketroom.


Sean Ka Ping Lee - External Affairs Officer, Marketing Officer and Secretary

Secretary, External Affairs Officer & Marketing Affairs Officer - Sean Ka Ping Lee:

Hey! I am Sean Lee and this year I will be a board member at Kraket. To be more precise, I am going to be the secretary, external- & (offline) marketing affairs officer. This means I manage everything online, the site, the wiki and the emails, but also the instagram and other social media. So do you have an online-related problem, a fun idea, or do you just want to play a (board)game, you can find me in the Kraket-room. I hope to see you around!


Anne Alberts - Treasurer & Marketing Officer Study Association Kraket

Treasurer & Marketing Officer - Anne Alberts:

Hi, I'm Anne Alberts. I will be the Treasurer and the Marketing affairs officer. I enjoy kickboxing and I also do indoor hockey with the kraket team. As treasurer I will monitor if there is enough budget for these ambitions. I'm looking forwards to this year with board 52 and I hope to see you around in the Kraket room! 


Internal Affairs Officer & Education Officer - Maarten Moens:

Hey, I am Maarten Moens and next year I will be the internal- and educational affairs officer. In this role, I'll be supervising various committees and ensuring their smooth function. In addition to this I will also be responsible for the level of education of the econometrics bachelors and masters studies. Throughout this year I will be spending most of my time in the Kraket room. So if you ever have a question or want to play a game just stop by the Kraket room!

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