Charity 2022-2023

This year the charity action will raise money for "Het Vergeten Kind". If you want to donate yourself, with your committee or with a group of people, fill in the form below. You can donate an item, a service, or anything else you think people will bid for in the auction.

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"Het Vergeten Kind"

‘Het Vergeten Kind’ is committed to thousands of children in the Netherlands that are raised in an unsafe and/or unstable domestic situation and who are invisible to many others. Many of these children are neglected, abused and/or confronted with serious problems of their parents, like addictions, big debts and psychological problems. As a result, these children do not receive the positive attention they need. In more than 50,000 of these cases, the situation is so serious that it is not possible for them to live with their parents anymore. The purpose of ‘Het Vergeten Kind’ is for these children to not stand alone anymore, to be seen and heard, to live at a safe and stable place and to be able to develop positively, such that they have a future to look forward to and such that they find their own place in society. To be able to realize these missions and to help these children now, but also on a structural basis, ‘Het Vergeten Kind’ works with two principles. The first principle relates to being an ‘ordinary’ child, where they try to develop impactful programs so that this target group will not be forgotten. The second principle relates to creating a safe and stable home for every kid using programs and projects that contribute to achieving this goal. Go to the website below to learn more about Het Vergeten Kind:



"Vluchtelingenwerk Nederland"

Vluchtelingenwerk Nederland is a charity that focuses on the guidance of refugees. Most refugees are not able to live in their own home because of life endangering circumstances. Because of this, they need to make a, sometimes, months long and life threatening journey over land and sea in hope of a better and safe future. This is where Vluchtelingenwerk Nederland comes into play. They help with the asylum procedure, family reunion, and integration and finding a job. This way they hope to make the life of a refugee as easy as possible, and to incorporate them in the society as fast as possible. Furthermore, they help refugees with understanding their national and international rights such that there are no misunderstandings. Last of all, they provide information and campaigns to educate people about refugees, and the work they do as a charity. Go to the website below to learn more about Vluchtelingenwerk Nederland: 


Running Blind

Running Blind is a nonprofit organization that is committed to improving the quality of life of people with visual impairments. As we all know, your mental wellbeing is greatly impacted by your physical health. People with visual impairments are seriously restricted in the latter, and are not able to enjoy the feeling of running on their own. Running Blind aids these people by offering guided run groups for all intensities. The charity works in many regional groups in cooperation with local athletic clubs. People can find individual buddies, prepare for big tournaments such as marathons, and sponsored events. Go to the website below to learn more about Running blind:

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