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Dear member of Kraket,

As a new year has started, it is time for you to start a new adventure! Do you want to become an active member of Kraket? Then this is your chance, because this January many committees will open up. These committees shall be explained further down below.

As a committee member you can:
• Have the unique opportunity of getting in touch with future employers;
• Come up with new and exciting activities organised by yourself;
• Develop your meeting skills;
• Work on your CV;
• Improve your soft skills;
• Learn to work with deadlines;
• Take Kraket to a higher level;
• Get to know (even) more Kraketters.

Do you want to take part in one of these committees? Don’t hesitate to send a short motivation letter to before the deadline of January 25th 2023! You can also fill in the form on the website: link to the form.

Caseday Committee
Note: this committee is only for students who will be a third-year student during the Caseday activity.
The Caseday is Kraket's biggest career event where third-year students and higher come into contact with various companies that will give a case. As a committee member of the Caseday committee, you are responsible for arranging these companies. In addition to this, you will also have to search for a suitable location, an interesting opening speaker must be arranged and of course lunch and dinner must not be forgotten at the end of the day. Do you want to work in a formal way as a Kraket committee member and do you want to get in touch with different companies? Do you want to improve your soft skills and give your CV a good boost? Then sign up quickly!

Introduction Committee
The introduction week is one of the most important weeks for a member of Kraket. In the last week of August, the VU Introduction Days of 2023 will take place and we are searching for enthusiastic Kraket members who want to make this week a huge success. Why to be part of the committee? You are guaranteed that you will be a mentor this year and be part of the fun week and introduction weekend at Texel, as well as organising the annual first-years activity in the beginning of the academic year. Do you have nice ideas to improve the introduction week, weekend, and first-years activity? Sign up!

Speeddate Committee
Note: this committee is only for students who will be a third-year student during the Speeddate activity.
In the Speeddate Committee you will organise a dining event for our third-year students and higher, where they come into contact with various companies. This event will give you the opportunity to find your internship, working student position or even your future employer, all while the enjoyment of some bites. Do you want to organise an event for which you will have contact with many companies? Sign up!

Still in doubt? Or do you have any unanswered questions about one of the committees? Just ask. You can always contact me (or someone else from the board).

Interested? Signing up is possible until and including January 25th 2023 by sending your motivation to, or by filling in the form.

• If you have done a committee last year and you don't want to leave the committee, you have to apply again by sending me an e-mail.
• We cannot guarantee anything in terms of filling in seats in any committee. It is possible to sign up for multiple committees.

I would love to hear from you!

Kind regards,

Lisanne Tigchelaar Internal & External Affairs Officer Kraket 2022/2023

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