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Dear member of Kraket,

It is almost time for the exam week. I hope you are all doing well with the preparations and I wish you good luck with the exams! It is also time for new registrations for two committees.

Charity Committee
The Charity Committee devises three possible concepts of an interactive activity or a long-term project with a charity for next year and presents this at the first General Assembly. The members will take votes and choose the concept the committee will work on. This past year, our members voted for Het Vergeten Kind, for which we raised a lot of money with the auction!

Would you like to commit yourself to a charity as above and/or do you have organizational talent? Sign up!

International Committee
Note: this committee is open for Dutch students as well
Last year we had this committee for the first time. The aim of this committee is to be the point of contact for all our international members. You can help your fellow international students navigating through a big city like Amsterdam, and of course the VU. Besides, you will get the opportunity to organise several activities for the association.

Would you like to contribute to the association by also involving international students in the association? Sign up!

These committees are going to be formed before the holidays so you will already be able to come up with some ideas and can start with brainstorming and elaborating the plan before September. Keep in mind that you are not expected to be busy with it during the summer holidays, but it might be handy to start towards the end of the holiday nonetheless.

Still in doubt? Or do you have unanswered questions about one of the committees? Just ask. You can always contact me (or someone else from the board).

You can join either committee by sending a short motivation to or by filling in the form on the website before the deadline on Thurday June 8th!

Kind regards,

Lisanne Tigchelaar Internal & External Affairs Officer Kraket 2022/2023

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