Last year we had our 10th Lustrum and it was an amazing week full of fun activities. Every five years is a Lustrum year, which means the next Lustrum will unfortunately be in five years. The Lustrum Committee is responsible for organizing a lot of activities for in the Lustrum week. There will be one central theme during the Lustrum week and it is up to the committee to decide what the theme will be! As a committee member you are busy with filling in the Lustrum week. Think of a luxury dinner, fun workshops matching the theme of the week and of course a big final party!

Number of Members: 5

Workload: 2 - 8 hours per week

Duration: 2026 - 2027

Registrations: May 2026



Currently there is no Lustrum committee, the registrations open in May 2026.


2022: Sicco KooikerRobin WitstokFloris Six DijkstraWinand StaringMatthijs de Groot

2017: Demi de Kort, Carlos GroenEsmay HoSjors HoubenSven Oldenburger

2012: Ron StoopAnnelies ZijlstraJoël GastelaarsXander Hut

2007: Anna HeijmansJochem van EgmondManon DuwelMax MalleeNiels van der Laan

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