Social Responsibility

Kraket believes that it carries a responsibility not just towards our members, but also towards the society around us. We believe that through meaningful changes and many small but significant contributions towards the society around us, we can create meaningful change and improve the quality of so many lives around the world. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), created by the United Nations in 2015, provide a great framework for analyzing the impact of the social responsibility that Kraket can take.

Different committees and specific board members can help Kraket achieve its goals regarding our Social Responsibility. Currently at Kraket we’re focusing on a few main types of social responsibility:

  • Sustainability (SDG 12 & 13)
  • Diversity and Inclusion (SDG 4, 5 & 10)
  • Philanthropic Partners (SDG 17)

Since 2023 the yearly policy plans (NL) include a specific chapter on Social Responsibility, signifying its importance to Kraket. These chapters are mandated by the Internal Regulations of Kraket (NL) from 2024. Kraket is a Study Association at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, which in research for the SustainaBul, a prize for the most sustainable higher education organization in the Netherlands, has been considered the most sustainable university. The Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam has their own Social Responsibility program.


Kraket considers its impact on the environment very important. Calls within our association to become Climate Neutral have been heard and the association is busy implementing changes to achieve this. Since 2021, the Sustainability Committee has organized a Sustainability Week, in which the entire focus of Kraket is towards sustainability. This committee also organizes the Sustain-A-Business Day, in which sustainable companies can present how they deal with sustainability.

In 2023 the Sustainability Committee proposed a Green Pledge, which contains specific steps to improve the impact of Kraket on the environment around uses. This proposal was accepted and signed by the board and many of the proposed changes have been implemented.

Since 2024 it has been decided that every other year, the Study Trip of Kraket, will be done using (more) sustainable transportation. This can either be a train or bus. Furthermore at all events Kraket will from now on have sustainable (i.e. vegetarian) snacks and vegetarian food has been considered the standard option. Additionally, the Sustainability Week  has been extended towards a Sustainability Month, in which most activities have sustainable components.

A list of sustainable restaurants has also been created, which committees are encouraged to attend for dinners at their events. The board is obliged to eat at restaurants on this list, in case the dinner is paid by Kraket.

Diversity and Inclusion

At Kraket we are proud to be a study association for the most diverse university in the Netherlands. Research has shown that study associations can have a profound impact on the way that its diversity is accessed. Since 2008 the board has always included at least one woman, and since 2020 the board has always included at least one person with a non-western migration background. This is very unique compared to other study associations in the Netherlands, specifically those for Econometrics students.

Since 2018 the Diversity and Development Day committee has organized the Diversity and Development Day, which was the successor of the Women to the Top Day (organized since 2015). At these events, partners of Kraket can present their efforts for a more just and equitable work environment. These events have had notable speakers such as fmr. Prime Minister Jan-Peter Balkenende and KLM CPO Mirjam Kartman.

In 2022, the first International Committee was founded. The main goal of this committee was to organize events for international students, but also help them with their new journey in the Netherlands. Since 2023 is Kraket also a participating organization in the Bridging Success program of the VU Diversity Office and a good working relationship has been established between us.

Philanthropic Partners

Since 2015 internal regulations of Kraket have mandated that it must support at least one philanthropic institution each year. The Charity Committee has been focussed setting up new partnerships each year and raising money for the charity that has been selected that year.

Kraket has worked together with many organizations such as The Salvation Army, The Johan Cruyff Foundation and Resto VanHarte.

For any questions or comments regarding Social Responsibility within Kraket, you can reach Micha den Heijer at

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