Change in office hours academic advisors

Change in office hours academic advisors

05 January 2023

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As of Tuesday 10 January, the consultation hour on Tuesdays will be on campus instead of via Zoom. From then on, only the consultation hours on Mondays and Thursdays will be online via Zoom from 11-12hrs, and on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays you are welcome to consult us on campus in the main building in room 8A62 from 12.45-13.45hrs. Please note our extended open office hours in January, se the announcement below for details.

Extended open office hour academic advisor because of BSA.
The academic advisors will have extended open office hours during the month January because of the BSA letter you will receive this month. Is your study progress lagging behind, do you have doubts about continuing this study programme or are there personal circumstances interfering with your study progress? Please come and see the academic advisors. In case of personal circumstances it’s recommended to schedule an appointment (via below ‘appointment via Zoom or on campus). In other cases, for short questions or if there is no time slot available for a scheduled meeting, please come to the extended open office hours from Monday January 9th till Tuesday January 31st (no need to schedule an appointment): Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 12.45 – 14.15 hrs in room 8A62 and online in Zoom on Monday and Thursday from 11.00-12.30 ( Meeting ID: 942 8578 8011, Passcode: 94ALJ7)

You do not have to wait until you get the formal BSA letter before you come and see us. After all, you already know how your studies are progressing. Come and see us on time and do not wait till the last day of January!

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