Debates: "Beyond sustainability"

Debates: "Beyond sustainability"

Green Office
05 March 2023


SAVE THE DATES: 5 - 7, 12 & 13 April for the event: Debates: "Beyond sustainability".

VU students and the general community are invited to discuss some of the key aspects of the relationship between mental health and sustainability.

Five sessions will be held for discussion and inspiration for all assistants to develop a personal view on what everyone talks about nowadays: “Sustainability”. Thus, all assistants are invited to join with a critical spirit and actively share your views on the subject at hand.

Sign up is needed so that we don’t waste food (and we don't need to steal your data)🙂!

DEBATE 1: Social determinants of health. (5th April) 15:00PM - 17:00PM

We will discuss the essentials of the social determinants of health.  After that, students will be invited to make “Usfies” (photo of 2 or more people, taken by a member of the group) of themselves along with items that represent the social determinants of health around the university. At the end students will go back to the office to create a collage (manual/online) with the pictures that show different social determinants of health around us all the time (even though they are not always seen).

MAX 25 PEOPLE (snacks provided).

DEBATE 2: Manifestations of anxiety. (6th April) 15:00PM - 17:00PM

Is anguish a disease to get rid of or is it part of human life? This is the question guiding the initial debate. Then, students will be invited to a “Anxiety hunt”: go around the university on a hunt to find words related to socio/cultural/historical manifestations of anxiety. After this, we will go back to the office to collectively create a story about a character that experiences different forms of anxiety in the present day.

MAX 25 PEOPLE (snacks provided).


DEBATE 3: Organizational greenwashing. (7th April) 15:00PM - 17:00PM

Speaker: Hugo von Meijenfeldt (Senior Sustainability Advisor)

We will deep-in the some greenwashing strategies used by institutions and organizations. Students will share ideas on how to recognize them. After that a “Bingo” game will be used and in which students win as they identify greenwashing (and greenery) business and organizational strategies as they know (and according to what was shared on the talk).

MAX 25 PEOPLE (snacks provided).

DEBATE 4: My food, my identity (?). (12th April) 15:00PM - 17:00PM

How do we build an identity based on our “food choices”?. This is the question guiding the initial debate.  After this and using recycled materials (gather them from the university) students will build three personas: a vegan, an omnivorous, and a meat lover. Each one of the three personas will receive a name, place of birth, type of parents, school, personal characteristics and we will discuss how they are seen by others according to their choices.

MAX 25 PEOPLE (snacks provided).

DEBATE 5: Naturally urban. (13th April) 15:00PM - 17:00PM

Speaker: Soesja Wijgerden (Project facilitator at Active8 Planet)

First we will gather at the Green Office and immediately head out to walk around the campus and the areas surrounding while discussing the implications of green spaces in the city and how they could create inequality. Students will make pictures of buildings, places, areas and then add them to a mural (physical or digital) in which they write the reflections on this after the talk/walk.

MAX 25 PEOPLE (snacks provided).


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