Workshop Study Skills

Workshop Study Skills

Sanne Berbé
17 April 2024

Having a hard time setting priorities? Or are you easily distracted when studying? Having difficulties finding the best study strategy? Or do you prefer to have a specific goal to aim for during your studies?  

This workshop might be just the thing you need. Along with the academic advisors you will have a look at your daily study schedule, what works and what doesn’t work? You will receive tips and tricks to extend your concentration and focus. We will also work on setting goals and how to manage your time when you study.  

Number of meetings:            1 meeting of 2-2,5 hours  
Options:                                   Tuesday 16 April 11:00 – 13:30 (HG-1G10, Dutch

Thursday 18 April 13:00 - 15:30 (NU-2B17, English)                                         

Number of registrations:       maximum of 20 students       
Costs:                                              Free 
Sign up:                                     Registration


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