Social Safety

Welcome to the social-safety page of Kraket. Here, you can find all available contact details about all the contact points that you can reach for your experience, stories or questions. You can use this information if you struggle with (sexual) inappropriate behavior or if you are aware that a fellow student is experiencing this.

Vrije Universiteit 
Social Safety Hotline

Who to contact within Kraket:
Safe-persons (Lotte Witke and Tom Ouwerkerk)
Only Lotte and Tom will be able to see the emails sent to this email adress.

Supervisory Board (RvC)

You can also fill in this (anonymous) form:

If you want more information you can go to the student wellbeing page of the VU. Click here to go to this page.

The experiences that you want to contact us about do not have to be recent, also contact us when you experienced this years ago. Also, if you are doubting whether you should contact us or not, because you feel like it is too small of a matter, please do reach out anyways. No matter is too small if you feel uncomfortable with it.

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