• Study Rooms

    Having a difficult time finding a place to study at the VU?

  • Get your grilled cheese sandwich

  • EGW: karaoke

    The academic year is rushing by, with the end of Period 4 in sight. You might be longing for some rest or fun activities apart from all the studying studying, so the Happy Hour Committee is here for you! For the third Ectrie Goes Wild, we will take you to Karaoke Bar The End (Nieuwebrugsteeg 32, 1012 AH Amsterdam) where you can sing away all your frustrations, and forget about  studying for a bit. The EGW will start around 20:00.

  • Inhouseday Optiver

    On the 5th of April, the inhouseday at Optiver takes place. It will be at their office (Strawinskylaan 3095, 1077 ZX Amsterdam). If you are interested in trading, then this inhouseday might be something for you!

  • Beerpong Tournament

    It’s time for a beerpong tournament! Wednesday evening the 6th of April the battle will start. A competitive evening filled with fun and beer. Will you and your partner be crowned champions of the night? You can either team up with a fellow Kraketter beforehand or we will match you. You need to register individually, but if you already have a partner in mind for this event, let us know by sending an email to This partner also needs to be on the registration list. 

  • Higher years to the high score

    Note: this event is only for third-year and (pre-)masterstudents. 

  • Lustrum ticket sale

  • Diversity and Development Day

    Note: the registrations for this event are already closed. However, there are a few spots left. If you are still interested in attending this event, you can send a message to

  • Charity activity

    After the succesful charity auction, the charity committee is now organizing an activity with Resto VanHarte. On the 20th of April we will go to Resto VanHarte (Motorwal 300, 1021 PH Amsterdam) to have dinner. During this dinner you will talk to several people from the neighborhood. 

  • Finaps

    Note: In contrast to stated in the newsletter and monthly planning, we decided to open the registrations on another date due to the exam week.

  • FriAfDri: King's Day

  • Study Trip

    Note: for this activity you need to stick to the covid regulations in Germany

  • Sports Tournament

    On the 11th of May the sports tournament will take place. A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Join us during this tournament for soccer, dodgeball and much more. 

  • Gala

    The gala of this year will be held on the 12th of May at Lil' Amsterdam Central Station. The theme is Hollywood: Celebrity for the night. This gala is organized in collaboration with other study associations at the VU: Anguilla, Salus, Subliem, SABA, Mens and STORM. You can also buy extra tickets for people from outside Kraket. The gala will start at 22:00 and end around 04:00. Note that the doors close at 23:00.

  • Inhouseday EY

    Note: this event is for third-year students and higher

  • Kraket x VSAE

    On the 18th of May, it’s time for the yearly collab with VSAE. This year we’ll be going to the arcade TonTon club.

  • Beer Olympics

    The amazing Happy hour committee has organized an incredible event. You will be challenged to your (drinking) limits. In our amazing beer olympics you will compete in difficult challenges like parkour, flunkie ball and drunk ball. 

  • Rooms exam week

    In the exam week and the week before, Kraket will again provide rooms for you to study. 

  • Get your smoothie

    On the 24th and 25th of May, you can come between 12:00 and 14:00 to the Kraketroom to get a healthy smoothie. 

  • EGW: Café Bubbles

    On the 3rd of June, the Final Ectrie Goes Wild (EGW) of the academic year takes place. After a week full of exams (or resits) you can finally party by clubbing with your fellow Kraketters. Every Kraketter is welcome to join. The location will be the Café Bubbles (Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 90-92, 1017 NM Amsterdam).

  • General Assembly

    The final general assembly (GA) of this academic year is organized on June 7th. During the GA we will look back together with the 50th board on this amazing year. Moreover, at this GA we will also introduce and meet the 51th board of our association! Furthermore, the supervisory board will change a seat and we will look at some new policy plans for our association. The GA starts at 18:30 and ends around 22:00.

  • LaTeX Crash Course

    Note: the time of the crash course has been changed to 11:30 - 13:00

  • Secret activity + sleepover

  • Gala dinner

  • Sports Tournament

  • Pub crawl

  • ‘Get your Almanac’ Drinks

    Note: if you have a passe partout for the Lustrum week, you are NOT automatically registered for this event.

  • Grande Fissa

  • Breakfast + olympiad

  • Boat trip

  • Closing dinner

  • Beta Tournament

    On Sunday the 19th of June the Beta Tournament will be held. This is a soccer tournament where the different study associations from the VU will compete. The tournament will be held at SV Rap (Aanloop 4, 1183 SZ Amstelveen).  By attending this tournament, you also support a charity! The costs for participating in this tournament are €5,-. It is also possible to attend a barbecue afterwards, this will cost €7,50.

  • Inhouseday Sprenkels & Verschuren

    Note: this inhouseday will be held in Dutch and is only for third-year students and higher.

  • Padel with Sprenkels & Verschuren

    Note: this activity will be in Dutch and is only for second-year students and higher.

  • Kraket Weekend

    The famous Kraket Weekend (KW) is coming up again. This year it will take place from the 24th until the 26th of June. Note that we will leave the 24th in the morning. What will happen during this weekend will stay a surprise and even the location will stay unknown. The registrations for KW open on the 19th of February, which happens to be the 50th day of the year! 

  • Study Rooms

    From the 27th of June until the 1st of July, Kraket offers study rooms where you can study for you last exams or resits. Or work on you group projects.

  • Year Closure

    It’s almost the end of the year, which means that it’s almost time for the year closure! On Friday the 1st of July we will celebrate the past year together at Buddha Beach (Boulevard Barnaart 20 A, 2041 KB Zandvoort). Here we will enjoy some nice drinks and a BBQ where you will get enough time to reflect on 2021-2022 with your fellow Kraketters. This activity will start at 16:00. If you have any dietary wishes, please let us know by emailing to before Friday the 24th of June.

  • Opening drinks - second year and higher


  • Opening drinks - first year students

    Note: this registration is for first year students only, for the second year or higher event, you can register here

  • Masterday

    Note: This activity is for Master students only

  • Introduction weekend

    For the first time in almost three years, we can organize the introduction weekend. During this weekend, you can get to know your fellow first year students even better! We will play games, have a pubquiz, relax at the beach and more! 

  • Donut week

    Note: To get your free donut, you have to download the Kraket app in the App Store or the Play Store

  • Master drinks

    Note: This activity is for Master students only

  • General Assembly 1

    Note: the General Assembly will be held in Dutch.

  • Lasergaming

    Note: this registration is for first year students

  • LEST

    Welcome to the page of the National Econometrics Sports Tournament (in Dutch: Landelijk Econometristen Sport Toernooi, abbreviated as LEST), the yearly event where econometricians meet in an informal way.

  • General Assembly 1: Part 2

    Note: the General Assembly will be held in Dutch.

  • FriAfDri: Nature

    After spending a beautiful summer outside, the study has started again. To show you something other than workbenches, we are organizing a FriAfDri with nature as the theme on September 30th. The FriAfDri will take place in Il Caffè, it will start at 16:00.

  • Inhouseday Zanders

    Note: This activity is only for third year and higher students

  • Hitchhike Weekend

    Are you the next Holland's Best Hitchhiker? Come find out at the Hitchhike weekend!

  • Beerpong

    After hopefully winning laser tag, you can still challenge the other students in a beer pong tournament. 
    Do you have what it takes to win the tournament?

  • Noodle Week

    We hope you are all working hard to prepare for your upcoming exams, but a break is also important. That’s why you can come to the Kraket Room for a daily cup of noodles from the 17th to the 21st of October.

  • Study Spots

    There are separate study areas available for Kraketters only, so you do not have to get up too early to secure your spot.

    Good luck with your exams!

  • EGW 1: 't Lammetje

    Studying Econometrics at the VU is more than just study, study, study…

  • Bowling

    Note: This activitiy is part of the Kraket Championship

  • Extrie Pubquiz

    Note: This activity is for 3rd year students and higher (and master students)

  • Masters: Cocktail Workshop

    Note this event is only for master students

  • Game Show Competition

    Note: This activitiy is part of the Kraket Championship

  • Slide, Sip and Sail

    Note: This activity is only for second year students.

  • World Cup Viewing Party

    The Netherlands are back in the game! After eight long years of waiting, we can finally put our favourite colour back on and cheer the lions to the victory. And what better way than to do it together?

    Come straight out of your lectures to cheer for the first game of the World Cup in Qatar and let's do it together.

  • Caseday

    Note: This activitiy is for 3rd year and higher students only (and master students)

  • FriAfDri 2: World Cup

    This Friday Afternoon Drinks (FriAfDri) we will be cheering on our country as we make our way through the preliminaries and get to the World Championships.  Will you be the one to cheer the loudest, not if, but when we win? Sign up now!

    We will start at 16:00 at Il Caffè and end at 20:00, but everyone is welcome to stay longer after the activity is over.

  • LED Registrations: 20:00

  • Sinterklaas

    Sinterklaas and his Pieten are coming to town!
    Sinterklaas is filling his jute sack, with poems, pepernoten and a snack.
    If you made Sinterklaas happy, the presents won’t be crappy, but if you haven’t been nice, you may get an ice…
    You don’t want to miss this spoiling evening, so register to prevent grieving!

  • Inhouseday: Mazars

    Note: This activity is only for third year and higher students (including master students)

  • Study Spots

    It's almost exam week and the pressure is on! But don't worry, we've got you covered. Our study rooms are the perfect place to buckle down and focus on nailing those exams. Plus, studying together can make the process more enjoyable and help you retain the information better. So grab a friend, go to the study room, and let's ace these exams!

  • Hot Chocolate

    Hey there Kraketters! It's almost exam week and we know how stressful it can be. So come take a break and get into the Christmas spirit with a free hot chocolate in the Kraket room! And while you're there, pick up your free Ecotribune magazine to learn about all the fun activities which happened the last few months. See you soon!

  • Gala Ticket Sale

    Buy your tickets for the Gala in the Kraket Room this week!

  • EGW 2: HotShots

    Christmas is a holiday to celebrate. Therefore, at the end of the exam week, we will party and celebrate the feeling of (hopefully) finally getting rid of Analysis I or those other boring courses!
    This second Ectrie Goes Wild (EGW) of the academic year takes place on Friday, December 23, starts at 22:00 and we will go to HotShots (near Leidseplein)!
    And what is even more nice, you can get some free beer, wine and soda, but since there is only a limited budget we recommend you to be on time.

  • Speeddate

    Note: This student is only for third year students and higher (including Master students).

  • Ski Trip

    Winter is coming! Therefore, the yearly Ski trip with Kraket is coming closer again! This year, we will go to the beautiful ski area of Alpe d’Huez in France. We will leave from the VU on Friday evening January 13 and arrive there on Saturday morning 14 January. We will return back home on Saturday evening January 21 and be back at the VU on Sunday morning January 22. 

  • Minigolf

    Note: This activity is open for all students.

  • Gala

    Buy your tickets for the Gala in the Kraket Room!

  • Exchange Welcome Back Dinner

    Note: This activity is only for exchange students. If you want to join the Karaoke Night afterwards, you have to sign up as well.

  • Exchange Welcome Back Party (was: Karaoke Night)

    Note: This activity was changed to "Exchange Welcome Back Party" from "Karaoke Night". The location has also been changed.

  • General Assembly 2

    On the 7th of February at 18:00 the second General Assembly (GA) will be held. During this GA the board will look back on the first half of the year, and look forward to what to expect from the second half of the year. Also, the new committees will be presented.

  • Valentines Day

    This Valentine's Day, make your friends or loved ones feel special and appreciated with our Valentines Day package. Send them a short message of love, a delicious chocolate, and a refreshing viper. You can send a message to up to 2 people. The people who you send a message to, will be contacted and can pick up their gift in the Kraket room on Valentine's day.

  • Beertasting

    Note: This activity is only for third year or higher students (including master students)

  • Sustainability Week

  • Game Marathon

    Note: This activity is part of the Kraket Championship

  • Speeddate with Board 51

    Do you love Kraket? Is there Kraket Red blood running through your veins? Then the electoral committee is looking for YOU! In the upcoming months, the applications for Board 52 will start! If you are interested, you can already sign up for the Speeddate Event on March 2. Here you can ask all your questions you have to the members of Board 51 and the electoral committee.

  • Inhouseday FlowTraders

    Note: This activitiy is for 3rd year and higher students only (and master students)

  • Board 52 Applications

    Do you love Kraket? Is there Kraket Red blood running through your veins? Then the electoral committee is looking for YOU! You can now sign up to become the next board! Please send an email to, and include your motivation (+/- 1 page), your resume and your studyplan (max 1 page).

  • General Assembly 2.2

    On March 6, General Assembly (GA) 2.2 will take place. I’d like to invite you to this GA, which will take place in the Kraket Room (HG-8A33). The GA will start at 12:45. This will be a very short GA, where the budget, the KraGet Together Terms and Conditions and the minutes from ALV 1.2 will be up for approval.

  • 0-year Drinks

    On Tuesday you can join the people on the taster day with some drinks!

  • Diversity and Development Day

    If you still want to join you can message +31644166244

  • Charity Auction

    This year the charity action will raise money for "Het Vergeten Kind". If you want to donate yourself, with your committee or with a group of people, fill in the form below. You can donate an item, a service, or anything else you think people will bid for in the auction.

  • Family Day

    Note: This activity is for all students!

  • Inhouseday MIcompany

    Note: This activitiy is for 3rd year and higher students only (and master students)

  • Beercantus

    Roarrrr! Always wanted to explore the jungle while drinking many beers? Now you can do this at the same time! The theme of this beercantus is “Jungle”, so make sure you come in your jungle outfit and to practice all jungle songs, otherwise you may have to trek een Adtje Elephant!

  • Hotdog Week

    We are glad to see everyone working hard to pass their exams and we want to make this a bit more enjoyable for you. That's why you can come pick up a free hot dog in the Kraket Room during the week before exams start.

    We hope you enjoy your hot dog and good luck with your exams!

  • Get your Kraket Hoodie!

    Note: You can try on the hoodie in the Kraket room so you know what size to order!

  • EGW 3: Karaoke

    Are you a secret shower singer, someone who sings out of tune, or maybe you're just too shy to sing in front of others? No matter what your singing skills or fails may be, you can show them off at the Karaoke-EGW event! Sing along to your favorite songs and enjoy hearing others try to drown out the music. Plus, there will be a budget for free beer, wine, or soda. Just make sure to arrive on time, as there are limited places in the club and you might not get in if you're late.

  • Studyspots

    The exam week is approaching and cramming season is around the corner. Kraket arranged some classrooms for you to study in!

  • Inhouseday ING

    Note: This activitiy is for 3rd year and higher students only (and master students)

    Curious what you can do with your econometric background at a bank? Visit our inhouseday and connect with former Kraket board members and other ING (young) professionals.

  • Pool Tournament

    Do you want to show your pooling skills and win this tournament? Or are you not experienced and do you want to learn how to pool? Then sign up for this yearly pool tournament! We make sure you will stay well hydrated!

  • Inhouseday EY

    Note: This activitiy is for 3rd year and higher students only (and master students)

  • Inhouseday Lynxx

    Note: This activitiy is for 3rd year and higher students only (and master students)

  • Studytrip: Helsinki and Tallinn

    Note: This activitiy is for 3rd year and higher students only (and master students)

  • Kraket Weekend

    Join us for the most amazing Kraket activity of the year: Kraket Weekend. As usual, we will go to a secret location and have a great activity-filled weekend together. Keep an eye out for hints, because if you guess the location correctly, you can join for free!

  • Optiver3
  • MIcompany
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