Studytrip: Helsinki and Tallinn

Note: This activitiy is for 3rd year and higher students only (and master students)

The studytrip is back! With the rest of Kraket you can explore two of the most beautiful and unique cities of North-Eastern Europe. Tallinn’s historic city center is one of the few cities on UNESCO World Heritage list and is not only beautiful, but also has a vibrant nightlife. Finlands capital Helsinki is a very modern city surrounded by gorgeous nature.

Together with Kraket you can explore these cities and their surroundings. We have already planned many exciting (however still secret) activities, which are already included in the total price!

Location: Helsinki & Tallinn

Date: April 29 2023 - May 6 2023

Cost: Max. 550 euro

Capacity: 30

Registrations for this activity will open on the 17th of November at 13:00 and will close on the  2nd of December at 13:00

Note: the join the study trip, you will have to sign a contract. You will find information about cancellation costs and other important things in there, so read it carefully. When you sign up for this activity, you agree to the cancellation costs found in the contract.


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