Social Safety

It is of the atmost importance to us that Kraket is a socially safe environment, and Kraket is fully committed to fostering such an atmosphere. We do not condone any inappropriate behavior, and Kraket will not tolerate any such behavior. If you've experienced any such behavior, or you've heard about such situations, you can let us know. These experiences do not have to be recent and may have happend years ago. If you are doubting whether you should contact us or not, please do reach out anyways. No inappropriate behavior is insignificant if you feel uncomfortable by it.

Get help from Kraket

For those who wish to report concerning incidents, there are several effective channels to choose from. You could reach out to our internal confidential social safety counsilors at You can also directly reach out to the confidants Anne Alberts ( or Pieter Maarse ( These emails are private and can only be seen by Anne or Pieter respectively. Any message will be automatically deleted once they leave the board. Alternatively you can contact the Supervisory Board of Kraket at

Get help from the VU University

You could also contact the VU University Amsterdam to report or discuss inappropriate behavior you or someone you know has experienced. You could contact the VU Social Safety Hotline at In case you just want a listening ear for non-urgent situations, you can also contact the Confidential Counsilors at

Sexual harrassment and violence

Sexual harrassment and violence occurs frequently among young adults. We believe that it is important for victims of sexual violence to report it in order to enable appropriate assistance to be provided. Assistance can be provided by the Sexual Assault Center. In case you need immidiate help you can call 0800-0188. If you know someone who has experienced sexual violence, the guide by the Sexual Assault Center provides you with appriate steps to help.

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