• Review The Great Hack

    What do the 2015 Brexit and the 2016 Trump campaign have in common? They relied on the data services of Cambridge Analytica, a UK data science company specialized in employing military psychological operations and “weaponized” communications tactics in political campaigning. The company is founded by Steve Bannon, one of Trump’s former campaign advisers who also led Breitbart News, and puts into practice the doctrine that if you want to fundamentally change society, you first have to demolish it. After the US election, the data gathering and other ruthless practices at Cambridge Analytica caused a huge international scandal.

    14 January
  • A week in the life of Minh Nguyen

    My name is Thuy Minh Nguyen. I obtained my Masters Econometrics from the VU in 2007. After graduation I worked at ABN Amro in the Model Validation team and KPMG in the Financial Risk Management team. I moved to London in 2011 where I started to work in the Market risk methodology team at Deutsche Bank (DB).

    16 December
  • Extra: Econometrics on ice

    Hi, my name is Ruben Schel and I’m 21 years old. In addition to being an Econometrics and Operations Research student, I am also a speedskater at Team Ksyos. Every week, I train five to seven times. In the winter period, this means one or two bike rides (race- or mountain bike), three pieces of training on the ice, going to the gym once and often a contest. So this takes me a lot of free time next to studying. Not only the training itself costs a lot of time, but traveling to the ice rink is time-consuming as well.  My regular ice training is at the Jaap Eden Baan in Amsterdam, so going there after college is fairly easy. However, most contests are in Heerenveen, Leeuwarden, Enschede or even Groningen. These cities are all far from my hometown, Mijdrecht (lies at a small distance under Amsterdam).

    09 December
  • Caseday

    On the 9th of October 2019 the biggest formal event of Kraket was held, the Caseday. The Caseday gives students the opportunity to come into contact with their future employer via presentations and interactive cases. Whether you are just starting to orientate yourself on your future path or already know what direction you want to go, this is the day where you can work on business relationships and get a sneak peek into the life after the VU! This year it took place in the Royal Tropical Institute, a wonderful atmosphere to develop yourself on a professional level.

    25 November
  • As told by: Jasper Veltman

    My name is Jasper Veltman, and from the start of this academic year I am a teacher in the department of theoretical computer science here at the VU. Econometrics students will most likely know me as the teacher of the course Introduction to Programming.

    11 November
  • SECTOR Update

    As mentioned during the first General Assembly of this academic year, articles for the SECTOR will from now on be posted exclusively online. This means the SECTOR committee will be able to publish more frequently and be more flexible with the length and style of articles. Instead of two editions a year, an article will be posted at least once every two weeks. To add to this, you will be able to read the SECTOR wherever and whenever you feel like it as it will always be only a few clicks away.

    04 November
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