Looking back at SECTOR 2019/2020

A wonderful time coming online

Dear loyal readers of the SECTOR,

It was a great year for the SECTOR. When I started this year I couldn’t even imagine it would turn out so well. Last year, when the SECTOR was still on paper, I was in this committee as well. I really liked how we made the magazine, and the way it looked was just perfect. However, I noticed there weren’t many people that read it and there were also people that didn’t even know it existed (because the booklet was only sent to third years and higher). When I registered for this committee again this year, I didn’t even know it would become an online platform. So when this was told to me, I doubted a little bit whether this would work. Moreover, at first only Giovanni and I were assigned to be in the committee, which made me doubt even more whether the transition would work. Luckily, Duy and Just signed up later and a lot of my worries were already gone when we had our first meeting. Martijn helped us quite well getting used to the new setting, and it was a lot of fun coming up with new articles together with my fellow committee members. The first idea was publishing once every two weeks, but since we were very ambitious it was only a matter of time before we had enough articles, authors and ideas to publish weekly.

I am really happy with all the articles that were provided to us. It became a diverse collection of articles. A lot of different topics were discussed: Formal Kraket events, companies telling about what they do, professors telling about their research or about other interesting topics or making media reviews, students telling about what they do or did next to their study and former students telling about their life after they graduated. Moreover I am glad with the many interviews we published, from the interview with Rob Naber about the changes in econometrics, to the interview with Friederike and Tamar from Career Services SBE about how to find your ideal job, to the interview where former premaster students tell about their experience. Even when the coronavirus started to spread and we weren’t able to interview the usual way, we still had an interview with Ines Lindner. It was an interview from a distance about teaching from a distance. It was very fun to have and became an interesting article as well!

I really want to thank all my fellow committee members. We were a great team that made the  transition from paper to digital go so smoothly. Furthermore, I want to thank all the authors of the articles for providing such great articles. And last but not least I want to thank all the loyal readers of the SECTOR!

For next year, I hope the SECTOR will be read even more. And maybe by then, the changes regarding to the layout will be done, so you’ll have something to look forward to!

Have a nice summer!

Denise van Dijk

For questions about the committee or articles you can contact sectorcommittee@kraket.nl
Thinking about joining this creative committee? Then you can contact intern@kraket.nl

Do you want to be a reflector, connector, inspector and collector? Become a member of the committee called the SECTOR!

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