Centraal Bureau voor Statistiek (CBS) is a company that publishes facts that matter. When people need to have data that can be trusted, they can find reliable statistics at CBS. CBS consists of employees with a lot of different backgrounds. People of different ages, nationalities, study background etc. For the case we met one of the econometricians at CBS.

Before the case started, Jacob told something about the topic of his PhD. Which was related to the case about censa. Around the whole world, every 10 years a census is held. A census is a complete count of the population of a country. It also records things such as age, gender and living arrangement. Unlike the Netherlands, most countries aim to count each person, even though populations are big and it takes a lot of time. In the Netherlands, CBS is the agency that takes care of this. However, we are one of the few countries that do a census digitally. We use data available to us for this. However, this data is not entirely complete. So we have to estimate the missing data. This is where his explanation stops.

For the case the students got data from a fictional country called "Jacobian" (named after the econometrician himself). We did a simplified version of the problem described above. The data that was given consisted of the gender (Male/Female), the age (Old/Young) and the education (High/Low) of the people of Jacobian. However, some points were missing. So we needed to find a way of estimating these. The room was divided in groups and every group had to find a way of estimation. We all showed our ideas of how we thought it would be best to estimate.

After these presentations, Jacob told us how he solved it and this was how the case was concluded.

Written by Denise van Dijk

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