In the second round of the caseday, Zanders held a case. Zanders is a consultancy firm specialised in treasury management, risk management and corporate finance with six offices spread out over Europe and the United States.

For this case, Zanders came to the Caseday with six employees, including ‘our own’ Thijs Talsma. Before we started, recruiter Rossella Cecchini told us a little bit about the possibilities we have as students at Zanders. In addition to this, Gerbert van Grootheest gave us a presentation about Zanders in general and about their projects. Gerbert is a partner at Zanders, which means he is part of the management team.

During the case, we formed groups of about three students to experience what it would be like to work as a consultant at Zanders. To be more specific: we acted as an interim CRO (Chief Risk Officer). We received a lot of information on the different portfolios we had the option to invest in. It was our job to determine which portfolio we should choose. There were portfolios ranging from risky but possibly very rewarding to more safe and secure choices.

In a true Zanders fashion, this case was also some kind of role playing game. Next to the graphs, tables and other sources of information, there also was the option to ask for advice. This meant going outside and meeting with a Zanders employee who might be able to point you in the right direction or give you helpful insight. Apart from this, there was also time for some short speed dating sessions with Zanders employees to get to know the company a little better. At the end, everyone presented their results to conclude this interesting case.

Written by Martijn van Heusden

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