Minor health care management

Minor healthcare management
by Denise van Dijk

When I had to choose a minor, I decided that I wanted to do something different from econometrics. I’ve always been interested in health care, so when I saw that a minor in health care management existed, I became very excited to begin.

So, in 2020 I followed this health care management minor. I found out quite fast that I was the only econometrics student following this minor. It is mostly followed by students from the beta faculty. Even though my fellow students were different from what I am used to, it was still very nice to work with them. During this minor we had a lot of group projects and this way I got to know different people.

You are probably wondering what you would learn during this minor. I can give you some examples of what I learnt during this half of the year. I got to learn how the Dutch health care system works. In the Netherlands we have one of the best healthcare systems. It is, however, a very complicated system. During the minor we learned about the different layers in the system. You have different stakeholders in health care. You have the people in need of care, the insurers, the caregivers, the government etcetera. What I found very interesting was the important role of the health insurers in keeping our healthcare affordable. 

Another topic discussed was value based healthcare. How much are we willing to pay to cure someone? I know some of you were not very happy with the ethics course, but I really think these topics are important and very interesting. I also got to look at different annual reports from care providers such as hospitals. Where we learned a lot about their financial management. =

Next to studying these topics, I also learned how to use programs such as STATA and SPSS. My fellow students didn’t know Python, so I had to get used to their way of “programming”. The minor itself is by the way not very difficult. The way of teaching is very different from what we are used to in econometrics. They had, for example, a lot of guest speakers and projects. For me it was quite nice to see something different, but sometimes it might have been a little too easy. 

All in all, I liked the minor very much. I would definitely recommend people to do this minor. However, I know it has courses that should suit you. So if you are interested in the health care sector, this is the minor for you!

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